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Our Professional Review of Spanking Website:

There is nothing I love more than watching a hot beautiful girl getting her ass spanked. I've been a spanking aficionado for my entire life. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing an ass spanked until it's bright red. Searching through the net I've stumbled upon many different spanking websites over the years.

Many spanking websites have different types of specialties that they are known for. Some focus on bare bottom spankings, some focus on paddlings, some on canings, and many focus on school spankings. I finally came across a spanking video website that has everything I could have asked for in a spanking site. The spanking site is called BadTushy and I have to admit they are probably the best spanking site I've ever come across. They by far have the largest variety of any spanking website I've ever seen.

Over the knee spankings

BadTushy is the best spanking website I've come across for many reasons. First off, they definitely have the best selection of spanking models on any website I've seen, and trust me, I've been members to them all. They feature lots of famous spanking models, but whats even better is they have a huge mixture of both famous pornstars being spanked as well as amateur models being spanked. (I can swear one of the girls on BadTushy lives in my building next door, but I'm too nervous to ask if it's her)

Bare bottom spankings

The amateur spanking models are my favorite. The reason being is that they do look like they could be anyones next door neighbor. When I see a cute random girl on the street, I always secretly fantasize wondering if they have red bottoms underneath their panties. (That's if they are wearing any panties at all) wink wink

Caning Videos (ouch)

I've been a member to many spanking sites over the years, but by far BadTushy has the largest amount of great variety of spanking available. They have some really great ass spanking videos that I've never seen anywhere else on the net. They also feature a huge variety of different types of spankings:

Spanking Videos

Whats great about their site is that they have long ass spanking videos. (lol) The videos are all long in length, they are not some 20 or 30 second spanking videos, they are seriously full length spanking videos. And the quality is great too. You can even see some of the girls crying from getting spanked so hard. They are the most realistic spanking site I've seen, with the best video quality. The quality is good enough you can watch in full screen without any distortion. What's also great about the site is the fact that the spankings take place in different locations. Most spanking websites feature girls getting spanked in the same location over and over. (I won't mention any names of websites on here, but there is one big spanking website that spanks the girls on the same couch every update) It gets boring quick.

Paddling Videos - Belting Videos

BadTushy must have realized that because every week they update the site with a brand new spanking video. And the spanking videos are in new locations each week. They have some really unique sets they spank in. Classrooms, doctors offices, houses, prison, schools, every place you can think of a girl gets spanked in. I've seen some of the most unique spanking videos on this site.

Also BadTushy has real story lines. A lot of spanking sites on thet net start off with the girl getting spanked for no reason. They just start and the girl gets spanked. I know when I think about girls getting spanked its usually because they are being punished for something. So whats great is that BadTushy spanking videos all have story lines of why the girls are getting spanked. This is great because it adds some real variety and keeps things fresh. Girls get caught cheating in school and spanked, girls get caught smoking and get spanked, they get in trouble with their parole officers and get spanked, they get spanked by their friends.

Spanking Movies

The scenarios in their spanking videos are definitely very entertaining. If I had to choose 1 spanking site to become a member for life it would definitely be BadTushy. They also are the most reliable when it comes to updating their site. They have been open for 6 years and have added a new spanking video every week since they opened (do the math thats over 300 videos) (after counting on the site they have over 350 videos) and they are one of the cheapest too. Before the internet I used to get my spanking videos on VHS (yeah that really makes me old I know) But remember the prices of spanking vhs tapes? $50 for like 30 minutes of spanking. Even when spanking DVD's came out they were around $30 dollars for 1 hours worth of spanking which normally had 3 or 4 different girls getting spanked.

BadTushy is great because they have over 300 spanking videos for less than $30 a month. That comes out to 10 cents a movie! Thats right. When I did the math myself, I was shocked because I'm not that good at math, but I used a calculator and I couldn't believe it. There's thousands of hours of spanking videos and over 300 different spanking models on the site. If you don't believe me check it out for yourself. Hands down, BadTushy is the best spanking website there is on the net.

Another feature about the site that I mentioned is the variety. BadTushy features both men and women spanking girls. Now personally I like an older women (like 50 years old spanking a younger girl (like 20 years old) Those are my favorite type of spankings. But whats good about BadTushy is the amount of variety they use in the spankees (the ones doing the actual spankings) They use both men and women to spank which is great because it adds another layer of variety to their spanking videos. Check out the site for yourself. I've been a member to many spanking message boards, and I've yet to come across someone who wasn't happy. That's how good this spanking site is.